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Product Brochures & Documents

d IT WORKS Introduction and Products 2009 s
4.91MB - PDF
TimeWORKS - Fingerprint Time and Attendant System
d TimeWORKS 100/Pro Product Tour d
295KB - SWF
d TimeWORKS 2.0 VN Brochure s
1.13MB- PDF
ID WORKS Integrator - The fastest and easiest way to build your1:N fingerprint application.
d ID WORKS Integrator Brochure VN s 353KB - PDF
d ID WORKS Integrator SDK 2.1 VN Guide (ENG) s 272KB - PDF
d ID WORKS VN Developer Guideline s 623KB - PDF
d ID WORKS Integrator Brochure (ENG) s 250KB - PDF
Digital Persona
d Digital Persona U.are U. 4500 Reader (ENG) s 428KB - PDF
d Digital Persona U.are U. 4000B Module (ENG) s 390KB - PDF
d Digital Persona U.are U. Fingerprint Keyboard (ENG) s 447KB - PDF
d Digital Persona's Guide to Fingerprint Recognition (ENG) s 155KB - PDF
d Digital Persona Pro Brochure (ENG) s 1.01 MB- PDF
TA 801
d TimeWORKS TA 801 Brochure (ENG) s 455KB - PDF
Driver and Supporting Software
d DigitalPersona Gold Fingerprint Software 2.5 6.67MB- ZIP
d MDAC2.8 SP1 5.77MB- ZIP
d USB Relay Driver
170KB - ZIP
Software Download
d TimeWORKS_fix Calendar 2008 s 404KB- ZIP
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